Capital Region Community Investment Trust

Move from Owing to Owning.

The Capital Region Community Investment Trust (CIT) strengthens communities by empowering local residents to purchase real estate in their own neighborhood and work together to determine the highest and best use of that property. Through collaboration, local residents are able to turn their affordable investment shares, $10 to $100 monthly, into big buying power and real change!

Become Financially Savvy

Community members learn how to become investors through the our owing to owning curriculum. Research shows that investors go on to invest in new businesses, their own homes, and grow generational wealth for themselves and their family’s.

Own A Piece Of Your Community

Residents who live in the designated zip codes are eligible to become investors in the local CIT project. Investors will have the opportunity to invest between $10 to $100 per month in the property and ultimately earn ownership in the building.


Invest Safely

Each year, community investors collect dividends on the investment property – 2% at minimum. As the investment property is paid off and becomes more profitable, investors begin to earn larger dividends on their investment – and just like that, investors are building wealth.

But that’s not the only benefit! Investors also provide input on what businesses are located in the property. CIT empowers local residents to build a community that meets their day-to-day needs. Does the neighborhood need a grocery store or a fitness studio? What about a daycare or an afterschool program? A laundromat? A pharmacy? The community of investors comes together to identify the missing pieces and find ways to attract those businesses to their property. This community-centered approach to economic development ensures that the project truly serves local residents – ultimately building community and boosting the bottom line.